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Sunday 19 August 2012

Fathers Day card and gift set

Fathers Day is just around the corner for those of us that live in Australia.  (Alright I may be just a little early) This year I plan on being organised and ready for it, I usually end up saying to my Teacher Aide "Is Fathers Day this weekend?" then we rush around for that week getting a card and gift ready.   Not this year!  I am ready and Fathers Day is about 3 weeks away.  I usually make the same gift each year, only because I think it is a really cute and useful gift but this year I have tidied it up a bit.
I make a cute t-shirt card and a coaster for Dad's to put their "beverage" on and Mum will not get cranky at him for leaving rings on the table.
I have also included some non Dad specific (?) coasters and a blank card for those littles that may not have a Dad to give a gift to.  I always encourage these kids to make a card and gift for either a special male in their life (Grandad or Uncle) or for someone who helps them alot and that shows them lots of love.
Here are a couple of pics and you can find it here at my TpT store.


  1. I saw Father's Day in blog feed and thought "Wow, that girl is on it!" haha, then I realized you were planning 10 months early. I love the t-shirt template and might use it for something else, if you wouldn't care if I took off the Happy Father's Day. Thanks!

    First with Franklin

  2. Hi Erin, We have Fathers Day in September in Australia. I have included a blank template of the t-shirt card in my pack at TpT, check it out (:

  3. Very organised Tania! I haven't even thought that far yet! I have soooo many birthdays in my class during August we are trying to get past celebrating all of those!

    Please let me know if you want anything from my TpT store - I added a few new things today - and I owe you a freebie! Please email me at



    1. Thanks for tracking me down Alison- have found my freebie and sent email through, love your store.