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Monday 18 February 2013

How Pinteresting, Classroom storage ideas

Welcome to my next edition on How Pinteresting.  This week I wanted to share some pins on creative storage.  I am blessed this year to have a storeroom and some shelving in my room but still need to store some of my items both at home and school.  I like to have items that I use everyday close at hand and I often pack away items by theme.

Here are a few of the Pinteresting pins I thought I might like to use this year.

This great idea solves my anchor chart hanging and storage problem neatly.

Great idea!  I also use skirt hangers to hang my posters.

Store & organize all of your classroom card games in plastic soap containers

Love this, definitely heading out to get some soap boxes, or you could use old video cases.

Good classroom storage  organization ideas

Tidy and out of the way!

Seat crates for the classroom. Storage and a place to sit in one!

Of course we have all seen many versions of the crate seats.  I love them and think they are a great idea, another project I would like to complete one day.

@Heather Duffy, you can do this for your classroom!  Pringle container for rulers.

This one is so obvious but I actually never thought about using a Pringles tube for rulers.

Well my friends that is it for How Pinteresting this week and I must apologise for it being late AGAIN but I promise you I was really busy  on a girls night out working on my program so I am sure you will forgive me.  

Have a great week everyone!

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