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Friday 1 February 2013

How Pinteresting Working on Writing and a big Sale

Continuing my How Pinteresting series, this week I am highlighting pins that support Daily 5 Working on Writing.  I have really enjoyed doing Daily 5 in my classroom and I loved that it supports students writing everyday so without further ado here are some of my favourite pins!

writing process
A great way to keep track of where your kiddos are at, love it!

whole class journals

I used some shared journals this year for Working on Writing and my kiddos loved it.  They really enjoyed reading each others stories and it was a hoot to go back and flick through it at the end of the year.

Love that this uses post it notes.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Daily 5: Work on Writing!
Great Anchor Chart!

Writing Prompts

Lots of great ideas for writing here!

I hope you have enjoyed these pins for Working on Writing, feel free to pin and repin any or even this post.  I want to finish this post with an announcement........

Yesterday I was offered a contract in a Yr 3 classroom till the end of the year, YAY!  I am a teacher again.  I have spent the last day meeting my class, they are lovely and my new colleauges, they too are lovely.  My weekend will be dedicated to cleaning and setting up my new classroom and yes there will be pics.  Now onto my next announcement.......

I am proud to say I will be participating in the Sunday Super Sale at TpT, so you can get 20% off all my items and if you use the code SUPER you will get an extra 10% off at the checkout.

Thank you to Brooke from Teachable Moments for the graphic, too cute!

So if you are anything like me you will be clearing out that wishlist.
Have a great weekend

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