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Friday 22 February 2013

Week in review and a freebie

Well I finally feel like I had a sowewhat "normal" week this week.

In Maths we focussed on reviewing multiplication and division and explored how they are linked.  I really like to work in small groups and let those students who are independent workers have a chance to forge ahead.  My littles that were struggling with this concept worked with me using a storyboard, if you haven't used one before they are great and allow students to explore numbers and operations using words, symbols, objects and pictures.

You can get yours here for free, this is also available in my Multiplication Mega Pack

The other students played Space Race or did speed tests.  I wish I had remembered to take photos!!!  
The last couple of days we explored Perimeter we demonstrated our understanding by creating a perimeter poster, the students had to write a definition of what perimeter is and then trace around some 2D shapes and measure the edges then calculate the perimeter.  Once again, I didn't take pictures :(  however next week I will take some pics when I have a quiet moment (WHAT? ).

In literacy we have started our Daily 5 rotations and the kiddos really loved it!  I did manage to get a couple of pics for this.  This year I jumped straight into letting the kiddos choose the activities they do and I was pleasantly surprised to find them choosing Work on Writing and Work on Words as their first choice.  How exciting!  

Here are a couple of littles writing the room.  They are finding the penguins from Plug-n-Plan's penguin punctuation pack.  I hid the penguins around the room and they had to search for them, then write the sentence that was on the card using the correct punctuation.  I hid one in a really hard spot and the little girl in this pic is the one that found it, (it was behind the door, heehee)  They loved this activity and can't wait to dive into Daily 5 next week.

It feels so nice to be able to do a post on the goings on in my classroom finally! 

I have decided to move my How Pinteresting series to my Saturday which is most likely Friday in the Northern Hemisphere, so pop in tomorrow to find some Pinterest inspiration for your classroom!

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