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Thursday 7 March 2013

Don't forget to leave a TIP

I am just checking in really quickly today to share a freebie with you and how this freebie came about.

I am trying to get my littles to become more aware of the responsibility they have for their own learning, very gently shoving  moving them toward independence and awareness.  So to help with this I have a "make your own choice" about where you need to work to become a better learner.  Students have the choice to work at their desk (independent), with a peer or with the teacher, if they are with me, they need to make sure they get to me when the activity starts and not half way through (and yes there are some that do not have the option).  So far it has been working quite well and the kiddos who are independent are able to complete activities without me hovering and I am able to work with the kiddos who need me the most at that time.  My kiddos that can be extended have open ended activities that they can move on to if I am still busy.

Anyway, I was having trouble keeping track of who was with me for each activity until......TIP was born!

The students simply need to mark their work with a T I or P and highlight it so that I know how they were working and how often they are utilising me as a support.  I can also see that I haven't marked work because they were with me.  So simple and easy!  You can get your copy of this poster by clicking on the pic!


  1. What an awesome way of keeping track of how your students access support (and if indeed they required any at all)!! Love this! Thank you so much for sharing, Tania!! x

    1. Thanks Tina! I can't wait to share this with parents as well. I think it will be a great way for them to see how often their child needs or doesn't need support.