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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Easter fun and a freebie

I am probably a bit late with this Easter post but I wanted to share a few pics of the Easter activities we have been doing.
We have been really focussed in the difference between pronouns, proper nouns and general nouns, so I created a Hunt the Easter Noun to help them consolidaate the differences.

Here are my littles on a pronoun, proper noun and noun Easter hunt.  I had one of my darlings hide the cards for me before school, (she was so proud that she knew where they all were!)  Then they had to find them and record them in the correct columns on their sheet.

They also had some Easter sentences that they had to match up.  I put them into the little plastic eggs that they sell at the $2 shop and they got to search through all the eggs, match the sentence beginning with the correct ending then record them into their journals.  They had alot of fun!

We have also been using our little plastic eggs for matching multiplications and skip counting (I forgot to take photos of that one, whoops!)

They are really enjoying our Easter activities and if you would like a copy of the Hunt the Easter Noun packet (a bit late for this year I know) you can get your copy here
I have left one card blank for you to put in your own name as a Proper Noun, I don't know why but they get a real kick out of it!  

 Well, one more school day, 4 days off then back to school for 2 more weeks!  Have a great Easter everyone and if you are travelling, be safe!



  1. Thanks so much for this Tania! I needed something to use our last day before Spring Break. And this is a great way to introduce pronouns, which we will start when we get back! :)
    Third Grade All Stars

    1. Glad you like it Tracey, hope you have a great Spring Break!