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Friday 8 March 2013

Bingo and a Giveaway

Hi friends, so glad it is Friday here!  Handed in my program today, so I feel like a weight has lifted........until I get my feedback I guess, eeeek!
In the meantime to keep my mind off that I have made a Bingo game that focusses on numbers before and after rather than the number called, it is very creatively called......Before and After Bingo!  This is a game that I have revamped for my store but I have been playing it for years in my classrooms.  My kiddos love it because they actually have to think about what number it is they are looking for, rather than just plonking down a counter.  I have included a co-ordinating number line for those kiddos that need a little extra help. It will be on sale for a week at my store for 20% off.  Just click on the pic below to get your copy.

Now to tell you about a little giveaway my friend Brooke is having at her blog Teachable Moments  You can win her Roll- a - sentence bundle from her TpT store, here's a peek at what you get

Wow!  What a great pack and I heard she may have more to add to it!  Head over and enter now!

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