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Thursday 18 July 2013

Holiday Cartoon Workshop

Hey Friends,
If you are still on holidays I hope you are enjoying them.  If you have kids and you are still on holidays I hope you are successful at keeping them occupied and entertained.  I know this is one area I struggle with, my daughter is 12 and my son is 8, there are not too many activities that they agree on.  However yesterday I hit the jackpot!
We went to a cartooning workshop that was run by a local cartoonist Bradfield Dumpleton, it was a hoot! He showed the kids a few techniques that he uses and then ran the kids through drawing some cartoons step by step of images that they had chosen.  Here are a few pics from our day yesterday.  BTW parents were told encouraged to join in so I had to unleash my artistic self :)


Pretty happy with the results

The finished cartoon....a lizard knight in tin can armour on a hover horse/unihorn!  So creative!

The evil bunny plotting to turn all the worlds carrot supply into zombie carrots and lure them too his lair!

and one of my efforts!  It got a bit crumpled on the travel home, but I quite like this funky lion!

I was pleased to see a few techniques I could take into the classroom to teach drawing to the students.  If you are interested in his web page just click on his name, he runs workshops in Tasmania and Victoria.  Plus there are some cool cartoons to view.

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