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Sunday 7 July 2013

Shared Teaching

Hi friends,

I have been very busy with relief teaching since our big move a few weeks ago, however I have been so lucky to have been offered 2 days in a Year 2 class for all of term 3.  I am so excited as I have worked in this classrom for three days a a couple of weeks ago and the kiddos are so nice!  This is the first time I have been in a shared teaching situation and I am a bit nervous as to how this will pan out but also very excited to have some stable work and a classroom again!

I have not had the opportunity to talk to the teacher I will be sharing with as it was a bit last minute just before the holidays started but I have met her previously and she is very nice......but scarily organised!
I will also be doing relief teaching on the other three days I am not at school so I should be kept quite busy.  The other really nice thing about this is that this new job is at my kids school so I get to have that connection with them again, this is particularly lovely because my daughter heads off to high school next year so this is really the last opportunity for us to share our school days *tears starting*

I would love to hear from other teachers who have done some shared teaching for suggestions/advice on the best way to make this work or any experiences you would like to share.

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  1. That's fantastic news Tania! I've never taught in a shared arrangement before so no advice from me, but I'm sure it will all work out wonderfully!

    Down Under Teacher