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Thursday 15 August 2013

Back to School With Friends blog hop

Hi Friends
with some of you heading back to school what better way to celebrate than with a Blog hop full of freebies and give aways.  Now you may have noticed that the title of this blog hop says Back To School with Friends, we are not only talking about the friends you have at school but also the friends you have out in blogland.
I have been soooo fortunate to have made connections with people that I feel privileged to now call my friends.  It is so uplifting to know that there is a group of gals I can count on for a chat or support or just someone to say, "Yep, we know what  you mean" and guess what they do and they are there on a daily basis.  I have even been lucky enough to have met up with one of my bloggy friends Emma Farrell and hope to meet more.
If you have come here first make sure you go back to the beginning to visit Mel @ From the Pond to start the hop

Frog Spot Blog From the Pond

What do you need to do?

Visit all the blogs on the hop (there are only 7!)

What do you get?

At each stop there will be a Rafflecopter for you to enter and win a value of between $10 - $20 to spend at that person's store

Is that it?

Well no!

Then what else?

The bonus of visiting each blog is that you will be able to collect a free file.  Once you have collected all the files you will be able to piece them together and create an awesome BTS Welcome Poster/Wall Display for you and your kiddies to colour!

Click here to see how to assemble and what it will look like! (Thanks so much to our girl Mel @ Graphics from the Pond.)

Anything else?

You are a bit demanding aren't you?  Well there is one more thing....

Now that you are here you get an EXTRA bonus....What?  That's right there's more..... a brand new set of steak knives....not interested?  Really?  Ok, how about entering the Rafflecopter below to have a chance at winning  a $50 voucher for TpT or a $50 voucher to Amazon!  Maybe you could buy a set of steak knives :)

So make sure you enter both Rafflecopters , the first name chosen will win the TpT voucher and the second name drawn will win the Amazon voucher!  Then click on the pic to download your free BTS poster.....Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Download your free BTS poster here! Just click on the pic

(of course the frame is from Graphics from the Pond!)

Here are some of the other lovely ladies on the hop!  Make sure you visit all of them!
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  1. What a wonderful collaboration! I would love to be the winner of any of the blogs.
    Christine Walllis

    1. So glad you are enjoying the hop Christine, I will be crossing my fingers for you :)