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Thursday 8 August 2013

Poetry in Action

The last couple of days we have been talking about verbs in our Grade 2 class.  To help the students understand and to demonstrate that they could understand we made individual lists of verbs and then used this list to create a poem about a noun (which we have explored over the last couple of weeks).

Now I forgot to take photos so I am just going to type out a few that I can remember.  So the structure of it went like this;

The (noun) is

Complex, I know :)  The point of this lesson was to see if students could use verbs not necessarily write creative and imaginative poetry...but you know what I got both!  The kiddos were told they had to create an image of a journey in a person's mind, this is just a couple of my favourites

The arrow is                The cockroach is
spinning,                   surviving,
turning,                    crawling,
flying,                     eating,
landing,                    choking,       
hitting                     dying.

              The gymnast is

I just loved how they came out and they really were able to create imagery in my head as I read them.  The other thing that I loved about this lesson is that it was quick and easy but also got them past the thinking that poetry had to rhyme.

We also had a huge maths games session!  I love to just get a bunch of games out that I will want them to be playing this term independently.  So I got out some old and new games that focussed on number, place value, odd and even numbers and friends of 10.  Here are a few pics

These next 2 pics are an ooooolllldd game that I made years ago but the kids still love it!  It practices the skill of adding to 10 and is called Rainbow Facts to 10.  I remade it just for TpT, you can check it out here

This is another one that I remade for TpT so you could all enjoy it as well!  It is One Before Bingo and the kiddos really have to think about what number they put their marker on.  One thing I did differenlty for the file on TpT was make it Before and After Bingo so the number line reflects numbers 0 -21. You can take a look here

I still like to use the games I made years ago if I can, but there are quite a few I have updated.
For my next post I have a really cool art activity we have just finished!  Thanks for sticking with this longer than intended post :)


  1. I love touching on parts of speech in poetry! Not only does it cure writer's block, it really gets kids seeing why maybe it's important to think about language and why we bother name/remember those parts of speech in the first place.

    1. I agree Amber, in fact one of the best poems I got was from a student that struggles to write anything, it was great to see his smile when he finished!


  2. Your Rainbow Facts game looks great! I'm adding it to my wish list!

    Down Under Teacher