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Sunday 27 October 2013

Five for Friday...late edition

I was going to link up with Doodlebugs for her Five for Friday linky but my week has been sooooo boring, really, nothing happening here folks, move along.  So get ready for the most boring 5 for Friday (even though it is Sunday here)



I have been trying to make myself more accountable for exercise...I thought when I turned 40 the downhill run would start, turns out I am a late bloomer, it has started after I turned 41.  So I have been aiming to walk everyday for at least 40 minutes, to make sure it happens I have been taking photos on my walk, here are a couple from this week (notice I said a couple, I will do better next week!)


I only did one day of teaching this week....well really it was a promotion, I had to fill in for the Assistant Principal for the day while she was at a conference.....yes I did give myself a raise and created a position for me next year at the school, heehee.  It was a good day and I did A LOT of walking (didn't take a pic though)

I was so happy to purchase Mel's set of Koala clipart to help raise funds for the injured wildlife in the terrible fires that have engulfed parts of NSW.  She is donating 100% of the profits to a charity for a wildlife hospital  Just click on the badge to get your set.

Thursday was a public holiday here for our Royal Hobart Show, we didn't was horrible weather, windy, driving rain and only 13 degrees (that is cold friends), there was also snow on the mountain...we stayed in.  Friday was a Pupil Free Day, so as a casual teacher I didn't have to go, woohoo!  Spent 2 days cuddled up at home, it was nice


My cat got a fish hook stuck in his nose!  Yes a fish hook, we had to remove it, not pretty (sorry no pic, he was too squirmy)  anyway I think he was just trying to set a new trend with the neighbourhood cats.  It was terrible, not because he was hurt (he was fine after we took it out) but because we were laughing so much at him, he looked so funny!!  Well here is a couple of pics of him fish hookless.


Enjoy your weekend folks!

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