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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Eggy Alphabet

Just in case you missed it on Facebook I let my followers know that Eggy Alphabet is being offered for free this week.  Eggy Alphabet is part of ABC Reading Eggs so if you are a fan of them and you have littles that need some practice with letters and sounds give this a go for  free!

I have to say I am excited to find out that Eggy Alphabet is available on Google Play as well as iTunes now. Most of my devices run on Android so I never really checked out these apps at home before, although I have used them at school, there are activities that cover upper and lower case and offers rewards for students when they complete a level.   The really great thing about using this app in Australia is that you have a choice of accents!  It really is important for children to hear sounds correctly, I know we often get students that will use a hard r sound if they have been watching and playing a lot of American games/shows.  No offence to my American friends but we do like our Aussie kids to sound like Aussie kids.

If you have never experienced Reading Eggs or Eggy Alphabet now is your chance to try it out for free!

This is not a paid endorsement of ABC Reading Eggs or Eggy Alphabet.

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