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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Place Value Pumpkin Patch

This is just a quick post before I go and do laundry...this is actually me procrastinating about doing the laundry..but it is important that I do this post so the laundry can wait!

I have had this file on my computer half finished for a couple of weeks now, so thought I would get it up and running while I have a couple of days off (yay for subbing!)  Anyway I plan on using this in my year 2 classroom this week but wanted to give you a sneak peek!

I plan on using the cards to put up around the room then having the kiddos wander around and record the matching cards

These 2 sheets are going to be an extension.  The first one is a fold and flip book where students can fold, then snip on the dotted line, write a number in the pumpkin, then record a different way to show that number.  I will leave this up to the students as to whether they will use expanded notation, base 10 or another way to show the number.   The last sheet is a number expander, all you need to do is snip on the black dotted line, then fold on the grey ones to hide the words after you have recorded your number as an expanded notation.  When you unfold it the number expands.

I will definitely have some photos of this pack in action next week, but for you I have put it in my store for only $2 for the next 24hrs!  Just click on any of the pics above to check it out in my store!

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