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Saturday 9 November 2013

Five for Friday


I missed linking up last week and I was so sad!
I am making a huge effort to make sure I didn't miss this week and I have to tell you.....this week kicked my butt!

I am trying to make myself more accountable for my exercise by instagramming a photo everyday that I walk.  This is the 1 photo I got up this week...yes I said , I am struggling with fitting in exercise around working and kids.  I WILL do better!

My baby boy turned 9 this he is getting his "I just woke up and it is my birthday" hug from his Dad.  This kid gives the best hugs.

I subbed at 2 really tough schools this did I earn my money!  So I was super happy to get back to my regular 2 days with my grade 2's.  We started our Remembrance Day poppies for our display on Monday, you can read how we created these beauties here.

We finished off this week with the Birthday boy's party at laser tag.  It was such an awesome time, 13 boys running around full of sugar, loved it.  These kiddos also go to the same school that I teach at, so they thought it was a blast to be laser tagging Mrs Poultney.  The cake was all my own work...I like to say it was amatureish  simplistic.

Finally, I have been busy getting my blog ready for some awesome giveaways and special deals coming up, so make sure you check back this week, there will be many chances to win something!

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  1. Tania, that view is beautiful! I would walk everyday with a view like that!