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Monday 4 November 2013

Fun at the Fair

This post is a little late but this girl has been busy!  I just wanted to give you a look back at my week last week.  Lucky me I ended up getting work EVERY day, thanks to one of my teacher friends who's house got flooded, boo!  So I was lucky to have her beautiful kiddos for a couple of days while she sorted out her soggy house.

So here are a few random things we did.
One of my favourite stories is Stellaluna, I just love how much you can do with this book.  I often get sub work in this grade 2 class so I always pick up where we left off with Stellaluna.  Previously we have done a compare and contrast, a character analysis and a retell of the story.  This time we looked at the bat facts we could find in the story.  We used this bat freebie from .  Here is the link and we wrote our bat facts on this cute bat paper from A Cupcake for the Teacher

We also used this Roll-a-story from The Teacher Wife it is from her Reading Comprehension Activities.  I love this pack for sub teaching because you can use the sheets for almost ANY story.  Did you see the container I have put the dice in?  You bet I got that idea from Pinterest!

 The next day found me in a Prep class we made towers of ten using dice and counters.  The aim was to be the first to make a tower of ten by adding the number of counters.  You have to get the correct amount to finish.  It.Was.Fun!

We also watched Stellaluna using Storyline Online and used THE SAME bat and paper to complete some writing.  This time the Preps wrote their favourite part of the story on the paper, we then did some brainstorming together to come up with a list of bat facts that they wrote on the wings.  I love how they came together.

Finally we came to the School Fair!  We certainly filled up on fairlyfloss, popcorn, hamburgers, but it wasn't all about the food (it was for me) there were lucky dips, singing, bands, raffles, laser tag, go karts, huge slide... you get the picture.  I was so busy at our stall I didn't get near enough pictures but these are a few I did snap.....

Yes, these are snakes, big, big, venomous tiger snakes and yes that man is handling them.  I was so creeped out I had to stand way back to take the photos.  We only have 3 types of snakes in Tasmania and they are ALL venomous,  these ones are the most common. The kids (and a lot of the parents) were fascinated, I have a major fear of snakes and at one point I saw all these people running....well you know I thought they had escaped and I immediately started looking for high ground.  Thankfully none escaped, phew!

Here's my boy loving jumping up in the fire truck, there were also police motor bikes there for the kiddos to climb all over, they loved it!

The teacup ride was a huge hit as well, here is my daughter and her friend laughing about getting all dizzied up!

Anyway to say that last week was busy is an understatement!  Now on to this week which includes a 9th birthday party, boy oh boy these years seem to be going by faster and faster!

Have a great week all!


  1. I love Stellaluna too. Also love snakes.

  2. WHY WERE there SNAKES there! That is so yucky! Can't deal with snakes…..