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Tuesday 16 October 2012


Wow!  When I clicked on the blogger dashboard this morning I was so excited to see 101 followers!  I have been hovering around 96 for a while now and thought it might take a little longer for that magic 100 to pop up.
So...I am going to have to get together a giveaway!  Yay!
Anyone who would love to contribute please email me at

Good news is I am feeling better today and was back at school, my carpool buddy had also been away with the same thing, poor thing she is pregnant, (due in January) she almost thought she was having contractions.  I cannot complain too much now.

We are getting ready for our Spring Garden Fair and my class is doing a Lucky Dip with a bit of a twist.  Instead of just paying your money and choosing something from a girl/boy box, I have coloured just the ends of paddle pop sticks either red, green or blue.  These will be put in (coloured side down) into a box filled with sand so that you cannot see the colours, kiddos will choose a stick and then choose something from a prize box that has a corresponding colour.  It really just adds an extra step but makes it a little different from how we did it last year.  So I have been busy getting prizes together, colouring sticks, organising a roster (because I can't stay for the whole time.)  I am looking forward to it and it is always a great fundraiser for our school but I am also looking forward to it being finished, so I can start reports!  Oh bring on the end of the year.
Hope your week is going well.



  1. Congratulations Tania! I would be happy to offer 2 items from my TPT store for your giveaway.
    Classroom Fun

  2. WOW TANIA! Congratulations!

    I wish I had something cool to offer for your giveaway... maybe I will have something together by the time you reach 200? (Please not too fast!!)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better :-)

    Teacher Kirra:Maestra Kirra

  3. Congratulations Tan! Who wouldn't want to follow your blog?! Glad you are feeling better.
    The Spring Garden Fair sounds like fun! I love Fairs. Wish I could come :(


  4. You just got BOO-ed! Head over to my blog to link up!
    Third Grade All Stars