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Tuesday 9 October 2012

I hate Daylight Savings!

We have been back at school for two days now and sadly we have not got a lot done! My kiddos are really tired, they look like vacant zombies with dark smudges under their eyes.  The culprit of course is Daylight Savings which meant on the weekend before we went back to school all clocks were moved forward by an hour.  Not so bad at night (apart from the fact that it is difficult to get the kiddos in bed and settled at bedtime) but for some of these wee ones getting up an hour earlier is a killer.  Some of my darlings have to travel an hour on the bus to get to school so they already get up early and having to wake up at 6:30 (which is really 5:30) has been a real struggle.
So with that in mind I have had to wind back on our big start to term 4....seriously I had one of my boys tell me today that u makes a yuh sound.  He is in year 2 and he is an average reader, so I'm thinking maybe he's a little tired. Very few of my kiddos could follow directions and their behaviour has really been off.  I am hoping that when their body clocks have adjusted we can get back to task.  Needless to say I am not a fan of daylight savings in Summer, shouldn't it be in Winter or better yet let's not have it at all ( I miss you Queensland ).

Apart from that we have been reviewing some of our basic concepts and getting ready for our Spring Garden Fair next Friday.  At our school each student creates an artwork and we sell it to the parents for a gold coin donation (1 or 2 dollars), so our class has been making Spring Trees using their hands and thumbprints, I was inspired by some of the fall trees that I have seen on Pinterest
Cute fall trees

and I did see one on someone's blog and I can't remember who it was.  (Please tell me if it was you so I can properly credit you!)  Well I adapted it so that the students made wattle trees which are very prolific in our area
 (achoo, thank you hayfever.)

They used green and yellow paint, not everyone is finished so will have some pics to share tomorrow.   Well I'm off to start dinner for the ravenous hordes who are apparently starving!



  1. No faded curtains up this way!!! The age-old debate about daylight saving hasn't raised its head this year, thankfully! I do feel sorry for your little tired ones, DS definitely makes for a longggggg week for you...

  2. We are exhausted! Daylight savings is a pain! My kids have been really ratty this week too! Although we went on an excursion today and they were really well behaved! They will adjust eventually.......