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Saturday 1 March 2014

Five for Friday

Here is my 5 for Friday!!

Did ya know there was a sale on??!!  If you are quick there are still a couple of hours left.  Just click on the pic to get 20% off in my store!!  I am extending the sale in my store so you will get an extra day of 20% off just in case you miss it........don't miss it.

My sister and her 3 girls came for a visit all the way from Townsville.  That is from the top end of the country all the way down to us in Tassie (bottom of Australia!)  We had a great few days catching up and the cousins loved seeing each other.   

My baby girl turned 13 last weekend......where does the time go.  She is showing off her gorgeous silver jewellery she got from everyone.  PS don't count the candles I did not have enough so we did 10 and then 3.

Just in case you thought I hadn't done any school work.  We are looking at long a sounds in our room, first we scoured books, magazines and newspapers for 'ai' words then made these raindrops to hang off our rain cloud.

We are also looking at 2D shapes!  We made some 2D shape art (I forgot to take a finished pic so I will explain what we did)  After tracing a 2D shape the kiddos had to fill in the spaces they created with different patterns using wax crayons, we then put a wash over it, they looked great trust me!

We also made a WANTED poster, with the kiddos choosing a 2D shape and then describing the features.

Well that is my week, I am off to do some more shopping before the end of the sale!

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