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Wednesday 19 March 2014

That Cat! A new book in the series.

I am home today with a sick boy so am taking advantage of some couch time to update a couple of files that I have been meaning to finish.  So the next book in the That Cat! series has a focus on the "ap" blend as well as high frequency words here, is, a.

I love this cat!!

Each of the That Cat emergent reader packs includes printables, a hands on activity and a big book reader to print for the whole class.  This pack also includes an interactive Powerpoint file to use on the Interactive Whiteboard for the whole class to read of on a computer.

I have also included a copy of the book to make multiple copies of little books.  I usually keep multiple copies in the classroom and also use them to send home as home readers.

I hope you enjoy That Cat! as much as I do, just click on any of the pics to get your copy.

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