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Sunday 9 March 2014

What are the chances???

Probability is more likely to be one area of maths that I struggle with (oh and fractions) when I am teaching. Ha ha, did you see what I did there?

So last year my student teacher did this fantastic lesson on probability using spinners, I would like to acknowledge her for planting the seed of this product.  Over the last few months this one has been in the back of my brain waiting for it to get from there to the computer, well it finally got there thanks in no short measure to Mel @ From the Pond for her awesome probability spinners.  She is one awesome friend :)

 So here is what you get and how you use it.  This set has 15 unique spinners that all have varying sections of the colors, so if you put your kiddos working in pairs or used this as a center you would have enough spinners for each child to get a different spinner.  Kiddos have to predict what color will come up the most, and the least, then spin the spinner 20 times and record as a graph or tally.  Lastly they have to check if their prediction came true.  

There are four posters included in this set (I have also added an impossible and possible poster to this set since making it) which would be great to generate discussion around the language used and the reasons behind their predictions.  I would hang these posters in the center as a reminder.  I have also included the English/Australian spelling of colour and the American spelling of color.  

Finally I have also included a blank set of spinners for your kiddos to make their own as well as a blank recording sheet, they could go beyond colors and put in pictures, numbers or anything they want!  There are instructions included for both the teacher and the students.

I think you are probably going to love this,  (see that, did it again, heehee) so I have put it up for 50% off for the first 24 hours, just click on any of the pics above to get your copy.

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