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Friday 13 July 2012

Apple pin board display

I finally got into school today and spent most of the day setting up my board and I am happy to share the photo of how it looks so far.....

Oh no, just realised my cloud is saggy.

My flowers are empty stalks at the moment because the kids are going to be turning these into flowery book recommendations.
These are the proformas they will fill out and they will become the centre of the flower.  This will be a booklet that will be folded to make one circle.  When another child reads the book based on the recommendation they will write their name on a petal and add it to the flower, so we will see which books are the most popular in our classroom.
This will be the front cover

This is the inside and will be folded in half.

I put cellophane over the blue poster paper for the sky to cover the joins.  I made the apples from coloured paper rather than print them to save on ink and then laminated them.  The green part of the tree is made from netting material and I stuck a rough velcro dot on the wall and the net material sticks to it, I stuck the apple on in the same way.  The only thing I didn't get done today is to put up my sign that says "Bite into a Book",
this will relate to my book display in the library corner.   The tree actually looks more textured in teal life because I folded and scrunched the material to give it a 3D design.  So the only thing left for me to do is to put up the rest of my apples!


  1. That looks great Tan! I especially like the idea of the flowery book recommendations. There will be pretty blooms everywhere :)

  2. Very cute Tania! I love the 3D effect. It will be a great way for students to display their book recommendations!

    Down Under Teacher