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Tuesday 24 July 2012

I Love a Linky!

This is such a fun linky and suits me down to the ground as I love to talk about myself!

Ok here goes a little about me..

1. I love shoes!  I own 36 pairs of shoes and categorise them.  See this post for how excited I get about shoes!  The reason I love shoes is because when I wear them I am 5ft or over.  Without shoes I am 4 ft 11.  All my shoes have heels, I never wear flat shoes.

2.  I am the shortest in my family, but 2nd born out of 4 siblings.  

3. I tap dance! (Really its because I liked shoes that made noise, are you seeing an obsession here?)  Our school has a dance concert every year as part of their Arts curriculum.  This year I will be dancing with my students to help and support my Special Needs Student, see all about her here.  I am learning sign language this year as her teacher.

4. I love Bon Jovi, I rocked out to them as a teenager!  Was astonished the other day in the car with my 11yr old daughter (yes she is as tall as me and fits into my shoes) when she said, "Can we put on that Bon Jovi CD?"  We rocked it out as a team!

5. I love dressing up, we have Book Week coming up next week and I am busily getting my costume ready for it, it involves a crown this year and yes I will be posting pics.  Here is a pic of me last year as Puss in Boots.  You know the whole costume started with my boots.  I got up early and did my own face painting, there were quite a few stares as I drove to school and then had to stop to get petrol.

6. I love birthdays, yours, mine whoever!  I always take a cake in to class for my birthday and make sure that in my Parent info night I let parents know I welcome chocolate cake for birthdays.  My birthday is going to be on our Book Week day this year.  I get to play dress up for my birthday!  I will have 40 candles this year.

7.  I am super proud of my husband.  He is my rock and my hero.  He is on his way home from Afghanistan after serving  there for 7 months.  We missed him soooooooo much but we know that he was doing something really important and we have realised how good we have it in our country. 

This is us when we met up in Italy halfway through his deployment.  We spent 2 weeks together....started in Rome and flew out of Paris.  It was magical.  Yes I did buy shoes in Italy.

8.  I found my Great Grandfathers World War 1 grave in France when I was there this year.  As a military kid and now a wife and mother of military kids I found the experience really moving.  I remember my Great Grandmother and I was so proud to be the family member that found him so far away from home.

9. I met Mickey Mouse.  I know all you Northern Hemisphere people are saying.."Yeah, so have we!"  But as you may know, this is not a short trip from Australia and it was something I could cross off my bucket list.
  I love to travel!  We spent 10 days in Hawaii and 5 days in LA.  My family had a great time and we were able to pay our respects at Pearl Harbour.  

10.  We own a conservation property in Tasmania and will eventually move there.  It is 400 acres, 2 thirds of it is pure bush with limestone caves and lots of trees, some quite rare.  The other third is cleared and we will be building a home there.  I don't like the cold and I am really worried about how I am going to cope with snow, etc.  We aren't greenies per se but I feel like we are doing our bit in protecting this special part of the world.  On our property we have wallabies, wombats, echidnas, Tasmanian devils, peregrine falcons and apparently a platypus living in the dam, although I have never seen it.  We plan on turning it into a place where schools can visit and my husband can run Survival courses.  It has a 700 metre hill on it and we have all climbed it.  Here are a couple of pics.

     My son is patting one of the echidnas here.

Well that's me..... I could go on...and on...and on..
but now it is your turn to link up!

Late entry
11.  I have known my husband since we were 6 yrs old.  Both our Dads were in the RAAF and we ended up at the same bases a couple of times.  When we were 12 yrs old we "went together"  (I had braces very embarrasing)  We met up again when we were 19  but we were in other relationships.  Not to be at that time.  He called me one day, we were both single and 6 months later we were engaged, then 6 months after that we were married.  We have the word Fate engraved in our wedding rings.  We have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids.  That means I have known my husband for 34 years.... and still counting.


  1. This is such a fun linky. It is so neat to learn interesting things about the people/blogs we follow. How nice that you have your husband on his way back after a long tour. Two of my sisters husbands are currently deployed and I know it is hard on the families. Of course all of us that are protected by there selfless service hopefully are appreciative. I know I am.

    Thanks for the Leibster Award. I am on vacation right now so I will probably wait until next week to ass it on (unless I can get a successful post together on my iPad)

    Heather (sometimes it let's me paste the code and other times it doesn't)

  2. Too cute of a costume! LOVE that idea for school. Did all the teacher particiate? Did the students get to dress up too? What a fun event!!

    You have an amazing husband. He is everyone's hero. Thank him for us.

    I will be back again later. :)

  3. Hey Tan, LOVE this post! I even learned a thing or two!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog from the blog hop! You're blog is so cute :) I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog award. Stop by my blog to pick it up! :)

    The Grade Three Jamboree

  5. HI, I just found your blog through The Down Under Teacher blog, and I am so happy to find another Aussie teacher blogger! I am very new to it still...
    Love the pictures of your land in Tasmania. I live in the north of Tassie.

    1. Hi Liz, how fantastic to find a blogger from Tassie! We are hoping to move within the next 12 months and I would love to email you if that's ok to get some ideas about schools etc.