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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Freebie Frame

What a productive day I have had today!  I walked the dogs a looonnngg way, tidied up my vege garden which has been sadly neglected over the last 2 months, went to Spotlight to pick up some bits and pieces for making 23 sets of parrot wings for my class (our school has dance during term 2 and the whole school puts on a Dance Spectacular concert in term 3- don't worry there will be pics!) and planted some new flowers in my front garden!
I was feeling so productive that I started making some frames from the fruit clipart my daughter and I made the other day.  Here it is for you for FREE, just click on the image to copy.  If you remember to credit me well that's great.  Please do not resell it as is.

I think it is so cute!  It has inspired me to make a series of fruit frames, keep an eye out for them at my TpT store!

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