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Monday 9 July 2012


I know I already posted today but I wanted to share what I found while I was shopping  procuring educational items.
Here are some alphabet stickers I am going to be putting in my Word Work box.  Each of these sticker books have 450 stickers and were only $2!  So that should keep them going for quite some time with spelling and new vocab words.  Plus they are cute.

The other thing I found were these scribble slates.  Who remembers these from their childhood?  I remember them as having a black slate underneath and then a grey piece of plastic over the top, not nearly as bright as these!  After you have written on them you lift the first layer and the writing disappears.  My own kids are currently playing with them and think they are cool..Once again only $2 so I got 4 of them to put in my Word Work box.

Well I did get many more things and will be putting a few things together for future posts.
For all those Aussie bloggy friends who went back to school today take a deep breath only 9 weeks and 4 days to go (:


  1. I love those little sticker books! I collect all sorts, and when we're learning sounds/topics I try to coordinate the stickers to match. But I do love your Word Work idea. I'll have to pick up some of the alphabet packs next time I go shopping. Thanks for the idea!

  2. 10 weeks, 4 days for us :( An 11 week term.

    Congrats on the great buys!

    Down Under Teacher

    1. Well at least it isn't 11 weeks in term 4 (: We had our 11 weeks in term 1, that last week is tough!

  3. Can I ask where you got the sticker books? I've not seen them with letters.
    Term 4 in Victoria is always long. We go nearly till Christmas!

    1. Hi Quilty Cat, I got these at Sam's Warehouse, you might find them also at the Reject Shop or the $2 shop. I'm not sure if you have any of those in Vic but I think if you go to those bargain shops you will find some.
      We finish on the 20th December this year in NSW, too close to Xmas as far as I am concerned!

  4. You have some great finds!

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thanks Heather, you blog is very cute. I am your newest follower too!