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Monday 9 July 2012

Freebie apple background

So after playing around with the apple graphic we created I have put it up as a background and I am offering it here as a freebie!  Just click on the pic and save as picture.

This has inspired me to use an apple theme in my classroom!  Before I left for the holidays I had put up a tree on my board above my flower stalks from my garden of Good Manners.  I was going to create a jungle theme for my reading board with a "Swing into Reading" theme with a monkey.  But I have decided to go with "Bite into a book!" and I will turn my tree into an apple tree!  My flower stalks will become flowery book recommendations with students writing their book recommendations and sticking them onto the flowers.  Book reviews and other work related to comprehension will be stuck on the board with apple frames and this apple background as well.
I can't wait to get started but have a few more bits and pieces to get together before I go in to school to set up.  My school is about a 35 minute drive from my place so I like to go in with a huge amount things to do and to take.  Let me know what you think about the apple to come.


  1. I love apples! And your blog! Therefore, I am nominating you for the "ONE LOVELY BLOG" award!! Come see me at to pick it up! Congrats!!

  2. These are really cute! Your plans for your apple tree sound really great, I can't wait to see it!

    Down Under Teacher

  3. Hi Tania, your apple tree is going to look great! Looking forward to seeing the pics.