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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Journals and Storyboards

Just wanted to show my Whole Class Journals I made and a big Thank You to Emily at I Love My Classroom for sharing this idea, I found it on Pinterest and I love it.  I have done whole class journals before but in a more structured way. I love the idea of giving students more choice and freedom in their writing and I think it is a great way to develop creativity especially when we are using Daily 5 in our class.  So here are my journals ready for school next week.

The other resource I wanted to share with you is Math Storyboards, I use these ALOT in my classroom and have for many years.  I think it is a great way to get kids thinking about the many different ways numbers and operations can be represented.  This storyboard is available in my Multiplication Mega Pack
at my TpT store.

Do you use these storyboards?  I use it in different ways for different ability levels.  I will sometimes put a number in the center and ask Kinder or Yr 1 students to represent that number, or put an operation in the center such as 5 x 2 and students will represent that.  I find that using this when you are introducing a new symbol is a great way to capture students with different learning styles.

So let me know what you do with storyboards.....
By the way I feel there will be another post today, cold, rainy and windy outside and another project to finish.  Great day to blog in pyjamas (;

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