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Thursday 5 July 2012

Check Out my Shoes

I just realised I missed the linky party Check Out my Shoes....devestated.  I have spent the day at the hospital with my son (7yrs) while he had his adenoids removed so haven't had a chance to check on the blog world.  He came through just fine and I was so proud of how he handled the whole thing without any dramas.
Anyway this means I missed sharing my favourite shoes and anybody that knows me, knows how I feel about shoes.  I have 32 pairs of shoes and I categorise them into:

  •  top shelf shoes ( special occasions)
  • memorable shoes ( shoes I keep from special events)
  • strappy shoes (self explanatory)
  • boots ( 5 pairs)
  • winter
  • summer
  • thongs (that's flip flops for those in the U.S.) and 
  • everyday shoes.

Anyway I wanted to share a pic of my most favourite shoes at the moment.  Actually they are a pair of boots that I bought on my holiday to Italy.  I bought these in this tiny shoe shop in Sorrento, Italy.  I met up with  my husband in Rome and we shared 2 weeks travelling from Rome to Paris without children!!!!  Buying these boots was just one of the highlights of our very romantic holiday.
Anyway I know this post is not education related at all but I really had to share these pics.  These boots are completely leather with wooden soles, they are so soft they feel like you are not wearing them at all.  I love the colour, I have not got any other shoes this colour.  Well as you can tell by now I am very passionate about shoes and have to say that this rivals my passion for teaching.

 And this is me proudly wearing them on our last day in Sorrento.

Well I am sad I missed the linky party but could not resist sharing these pics.  Now all you shoe lovers out there wipe that drool off and tell me if you too wear your favourite shoes when you are vacuuming, just because you can!

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  1. Oh they are gorgeous boots Mrs Poultney. No wonder you look so happy in the photo - new boots, bought in Sorrento, whilst on a romantic getaway with your husband. Doesn't get much better I don't think.